We have consulted with local sports groups to ensure that the facilities that we will provide will match their needs. The changing rooms will have 2 sets of changing rooms, toilets and showers for home/away teams or male/female depending on the activity and an additional facility for referees. This will be available both to teams using the planned new sports field and to those using the indoor sporting facilities that the new Community and Sports Centre provides.

Use of the sporting facilities by the local school is a key objective. At present the nearby primary school has no outdoor sporting facilities and only very limited indoor space. The headmaster of Dalmally Primary School has indicated his enthusiasm for this project and is keen for new facilities to be available to provide physical education.

Shinty is an important part of the social fabric and cultural identity of the Dalmally area. Glenorchy shinty club has always punched above its population weight in terms of shinty achievement, last year winning the Marine Harvest South Division 1 thereby being promoted back to the National Premier league for the 2011 season. At present home games are played on an agricultural field by the Auction Mart – an area prone to flooding and with very poor drainage and offering no changing facilities. The poor drainage and flooding has meant that Glenorchy home games are continually postponed. This breaks up the rhythm of the season and causes difficulties with the fixture programme. The concept of a new playing field is strongly endorsed by the Camanachd Association.

Dalmally is well situated as a neutral venue for a variety of sporting events and we anticipate being hosts for cup-games of for both football and shinty.

We will use this page to inform you of future fundraising events and opportunities.

Have you got any good fundraising ideas? Can you help us realise our vision for the area? Do you want to contribute to the future of Dalmally? This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to secure serious capital investment for our community. To find out more about our project, and to offer your support, please contact us.