Funding criteria

There will be two closing dates for applications each year: on the 31st of March and the 30th of September

  1. Funds will be awarded to projects from the community council area of Glenorchy and Innishail.
  2. Funds will be awarded to projects between £300 and £5,000.  Projects £300 and under can apply to the micro grant scheme.
  3. Projects must comply with and Benefit Charitable Purposes. the current funding criteria as listed here.
  4. Only constituted groups can apply to the main grant. The micro grant scheme is open to individuals, constituted and non-constituted groups.
  5. Only one application for a project may be made per funding round.
  6. Funds awarded should be spent within a year of the award.
  7. Funds will not be awarded for any costs already incurred (retrospective funding will not be funded).
  8. If applicable, you may need to give evidence that you have considered and addressed any safety implications of the project being applied for.

Guidance on Charitable Purposes.  For the the River Lochy Hydro Scheme Community Benefit, charitable purposes, based on the guidance offered by the Office of the Scottish Charity Regulator and by the UK government, are defined as being for public benefit and covering one or more of the following descriptions:

  1. The prevention or relief of poverty;
  2. The advancement of education;
  3. The advancement of health or the saving of lives;
  4. The advancement of citizenship or community development;
  5. The advancement of the arts, culture, heritage or science;
  6. The advancement of public participation in sport;
  7. The advancement of human rights, conflict resolution, racial and religious harmony, equality and diversity;
  8. The advancement of environmental protection or improvement;
  9. The relief of those in need by reason of youth, age, ill-health, disability, financial hardship or other disadvantage;
  10. The advancement of animal welfare;
  11. The support of emergency services, including mountain rescue;
  12. Any other purposes currently recognised as charitable or any new charitable purpose which is similar to another charitable purpose.

Recipient of Community Benefit Grant : BRIDGE OF ORCHY HALL